The Joy of Giving

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I was extremely charged up about the holidays being round the corner and was making a list of things to buy. Shopping is always exciting, even if it is for others. Just then, a friend of mine told me about kids who might not get any gift for Christmas. Then it really hit me how much I’d been living in a bubble. I have been so full of myself that I have been completely ignorant of the harsh circumstances that people may be living under. So through my friend who was volunteering to help kids get a holiday present, I decided to buy gifts for couple of kids. I added outfits for little kids and toys to my shopping list. The joy of giving is always so amazing and nothing can match that feeling.

Not all kids are fortunate and because of that, not everyone looks forward to the holidays. I do not mean to break your spirit by any means, but you could share this joy with less fortunate. I have tried to help people in need in my own little way in the past but haven’t been very regular. Here are some of the ways to make this easy:

Celebrate an important achievement: When I achieve an important milestone, I celebrate by giving back to the society. I have done this when I got a new job or raise and also during important holidays. I know some people who do this on their birthdays.

Feel blessed: I do feel blessed in a lot of way and to keep myself grounded, I try to always find a way to give back. I also realized over the years that I don’t have to be super rich or have a lot of money – just intent to do so is enough.

Put aside money regularly: I have wanted to be regular but it has been extremely erratic. One of the things I plan to do in 2017 (maybe resolution) is maybe put small amount of money aside from every paycheck so I can help people in need.

Cut down on frivolous spending: I can’t speak for everyone but when I go through my bank statements, I find some of the purchases completely unnecessary. I don’t mean I am going to be strictly cost effective but cutting down on fancy meals or not buying a designer bag once in a while would not change anyone’s lifestyle.

The world is full of uncertainty and tables could just turn tomorrow. I honestly believe that if people started thinking a little beyond themselves and looked out for the less fortunate in whatever capacity they can, world will definitely be a better place. Only once I did it, I saw it was possible and it doesn’t take away a lot from you or change your lifestyle. It gives me a sense of joy and fulfillment and an assurance that I have the capacity to make a difference in my own little way.

Happy holidays 🙂


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