Ditch the Ordinary this Winter

What to eat and what to wear are two of the most basic stuffs that I struggle with every work day. While the eating struggle is a daily battle between my temptations towards everything unhealthy and my attempt to stay healthy, we’ll have to keep this discussion for another time. The question of what to […]

Budget Friendly Bridal Fashion

Wedding dresses have come a long way and you can tell especially when you see old movies or pictures of your parents’ wedding. From a very conventional long sleeve and high collar to now very modern and customized gowns, the wedding dresses have gone through a lot of transition. Staying in style, however, doesn’t mean […]

5 Fall Trends to Get Behind

This is a beautiful time of the year and every year Fall brings you dreamy trends that you want to get behind. Some of them are already a big trend right now and some of them are still making its way. Since fall is just getting started, lets look at the top 5 trends for […]

Staying ready for spring

The floral spring dresses are the cutest and are vibrant to brighten up anyone’s day. I’ve been waiting all winter long for spring so I could finally wear these (and it really felt like such a long winter). This dress particularly seems so right for spring wear. I seem to have inclination towards dresses (also […]

Dress to Express

My social calendar had been pretty occupied for the past couple of weekends – it’s funny how everything has been just happening back to back). I simply loove planning my outfit well in advance, unlike my hubby who decides on the outfit literally  half hour before we step out (and still manages to look dapper […]

Staying Stylishly Warm

It is getting more than just chilly in most places I presume but particularly true in Boston. The snow and sub zero temps are making it almost impossible to get out at all. I had never seen snow until 2 years ago when I moved to Boston and I must say that that snow is […]

Holiday Glamour

All that glitters may not be gold but is definitely precious and that is what holidays are all about. I love shining bright in sequins and metal and during this time of the year you can never be overdressed. Apart from the fact that I am yet to put up my decorations and wrap the […]

Red Dress for Holidays

Holidays are here !! How exciting is this especially because it is a 3 work day week. And of course Black Friday is a bigger reason to be psyched about. So many stuffs to buy and so many stores to browse through. Some stores like Macy’s already had really few exciting deals a little early […]

Outer wears for different occasions

Hello all you fashion lovers!! As coffee orders have changed from cold to hot, it is not exactly so cold that you want to change your thermostats. And I guess that is the beauty of fall and what we love this beautiful season for. If you live in the East coast of USA,  you are […]

Styling it the Vintage way

Hello fashion lovers! Have you been drooling over the outfits in the classic movies and TV shows? Well, I for one, worship Audrey Hepbern and can’t take my eyes off the retro style so beautifully presented in Mad Men (anyone watching the show in 2016?). The men in their fedoras and well fitting suits and […]