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Have you noticed the trend of lace just everywhere lately? Gaining popularity among celebs as well as in stores (and on Instagrams too), a lace item gives a feminine touch to your look. It is a great hit so I have stacked up some lacy outfits in my closet too. They’re available in different style and budget so there is something for everyone and every occasion.

Lace Dress:

While there are so many designs available, I chose this classic design  that can never go wrong. Either for a playful drinks with friends or work it is just perfect for this season. Lace dresses would also be perfect for spring and summer weddings.


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Lace Skirts:

I bought this skirt last season and I am so content with this investment. Available in just any fashion store, it is a stylish modification to the pencil skirt as we know it. So I think it is perfect for corporate events or even to fun after work events. This dark and blue goes with any color but to stay in the spring mood you can opt for vibrant lace skirts too.


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Lace blouse:

This blush blouse is my recent favorite finds. It is comfy and stylish and goes with jeans as well as formal skirts. This top with jeans is a great way to give that feminine touch to the overall look.

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So I hope you shop around and find the lace item that fits your style. Keep shopping and keep it stylish 🙂

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