Love for Shirt Dress

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I can’t take my eyes off of a good shirt dress even though I have a plenty of them (most of them are featured on my blog). I try to stay away from it but the whole idea of it is brilliant that more often than not, I can’t resist them. Apart from it bring perfect for work most of them have an A line fit hence giving it a vintage touch (thanks Mad Men, now I am also a sucker for vintage too).

Sooooo another well deserved addition to my collection of shirt dresses is from Ann Taylor. I always trust Ann Taylor to have the best outfits for work (though I personally think they have more stuffs in store and not on their websites). The beauty of this one is that it has floral print so it is pretty playful for outside the work events too – so pretty versatile. This is just perfect for the season, so grab one soon!

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Remember to always keep it stylish !!

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