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Growing up in a valley (back in Nepal) surrounded by hills and mountains, the concept of hiking wasn’t completely new to me, but I am by no means a regular hiker. In fact hikes of moderate difficulty used to take a toll on my body and usually left me sore the next day.


Cut to few years and hundreds of runs later, we decided to go for a hike to make the best of this lovely summer weather. We picked Mount Chocorua in New Hampshire (about 1.5 hours of drive) and hiked along the Piper trail to the peak of the mountain. This hike was a little tricky because even though the hike to the peak was about 4 miles, it was a lot of uphill (the peak was about 3500 feet high), so I really didn’t know how long it would take. Especially the last bit of walking seems never ending. It was especially challenging as the trail was rocky and steep. It almost felt like a mirage like situation because the peak kept appearing as we hiked but we didn’t quite seem to get there (and quite frankly I didn’t think the signboards showing us the remaining distance was quite accurate and still don’t think so). But after about 3 hours of uphill climbing (and sometimes on all fours), we did get there and boyyy wasn’t it all worth it! The view was stunning and the feeling was just out of this world. 


The weather was beautiful and the hill was surrounded by other hills too. At this moment, I felt like I could just sit there and stare at the view forever.  And I did. I stared, as the breeze comfortably hit my face and blew my hair, at the hills and the sky and the clouds that the sun hid behind and then quickly moved away from it. For a minute, I lost myself while the daylight was slowly fading away. Not only is it a treat for the body but this experience was also soothing for the mind and soul.

I am so glad I went for this hike and made it all the way to the peak. However, there are also few tips, especially if you are a first time hiker, that could be useful (will also serve as a note to self for next hiking).

  1. Be comfortable and dress according to the weather:  This is a no-brainer as you have to ensure your outfits and shoes need to be easy to climb on steps and sometimes rocks. I’d recommend long sleeve shirt and long trousers even in summer to prevent from bugs and sun burn. Also a hat and a pair of sunglasses could be helpful during summer. If you are carrying a bag (most likely you will), carry a backpack
  2. Carry just the essential toiletries: Have just the minimum stuff with you in the backpack but sunscreen, hand sanitizer and tissue paper might come handy during the walk.
  3. Carry an insect repellent: This is something I will always remember as the bugs and the mosquitoes almost ruined the pleasant experience of our hike. It was just everywhere and bothered us almost through the entire hike. You will definitely need this during spring and summer (take no risk at all).
  4. Fuel yourself up: If it is a long hike, make sure you’ve fueled yourself. In addition carry some snacks and tons of water (it’s so important to keep yourself hydrated).

If you have had a good hiking experience let me know about it ! Until next hike 🙂

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