Florida Vacation

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The worst part of a vacation is the fact that it gets over. Last week, I took few (4 to be exact) days off and flew off to Florida with my hubby and now I am back to this chilly weather in Boston. We stayed in Fort Lauderdale which is about 30 miles north of Miami in a room facing the ocean.  I am so glad that I took this much needed break – it was a great escape from my routine. I have been back to work now and I feel so much more positive and refreshed. Everything about this trip was just perfect.. well if you don’t count the long flights and waiting to check in at the hotel (I hate waiting in general). But in retrospective, I only have fond memories of the trip.

When to go?

img_20161018_171059We went there in mid October and the weather at this time is just perfect although slightly breezy than usual. img_20161019_182550Stay alert for hurricane or storms though -we had a very narrow escape from hurricane Matthew. [It did not affect Florida largely but many flights were rescheduled because of Matthew.] From what I hear, Apr/May is a good time too. There are occasional rainy sessions but does not last enough to ruin any plan.


Some of the highlights of the trip:

  • Beach, beach and beaches: I am totally a water person and the crystal water around Miami was heaven (it really felt like a paradise). img_20161019_125430We hit the beaches on all days in this trip and they were all so beautiful. I know there are a lot of beaches in Florida but the ones we could go to were Miami beach, Fort Lauderdale beach and West Palm Beach.The water is so warm so you don’t even have to think twice before getting inside the water. Just make sure to put on a loooot of sunscreen.
  • Cuban Coffee: You can definitely trust Florida to get authentic Cuban delicacies. img_20161019_143127The food was divine – especially the coffee. I am a latte person and I thought Café Con Leche was out of this world. Where was this coffee all my life? I need to find this coffee in a place accessible for me.
  • South Beach: I was completely blown away the minute I got a glance of South Beach. The parties are so vibrant and wild, no matter what day of the week it is. Be sure to throw in a party dress into your luggage if you are a party person. The place is sooo full of life and glamour. There’s always something happening!!
  • Drive to Key West: Depending upon what city you stay in, Key West can be quite a drive. It is about 200 miles south to Fort Lauderdale and was about 4+ hours of drive. It can get really exhausting, so to make the most of it heading out a little early in the morning, is a good idea. The scenic drive is so beautiful and breathtaking that it makes it completely worth the long drive.  Make few stops along the drive to enjoy the view.20161020_172240
  • Snorkeling: This was the first time I ever snorkeled and the experience was surreal. We headed about 7 miles from the shore of Key West into the ocean on a ferry to 2 different coral reefs.  So we dipped into the ocean twice to snorkel. I saw variety of plants and fishes in the clear blue water of Florida.img_20161020_184659 We did this adventure in the evening so we also got to experience the most beautiful sunset ever. (I didn’t even know that sunset in Key West was that popular).  The total ferry ride was about 3 hours and it was worth every penny.
  • Key West parties: Key West is a magical place and feels like a world of its own to have a crazy time. img_20161020_194311 The place makes you forget everything else and just party harder. The parties are extremely wild and lively. You can walk around on Duval street with a drink in your hand and few bars also permit smoking inside the bar. img_20161020_211509They do not exactly have an open container law but the authorities are pretty flexible as long as you don’t attract any kind of attention. It was also the South most point in the US and only about 90 miles to Cuba and you can experience a lot of Cuban influence there.

Take a trip to Florida if you haven’t been already or tell me about your experience in the comment below!!

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