Hiking Fun

Growing up in a valley (back in Nepal) surrounded by hills and mountains, the concept of hiking wasn’t completely new to me, but I am by no means a regular hiker. In fact hikes of moderate difficulty used to take a toll on my body and usually left me sore the next day.   Cut […]

Fit not skinny

Fitness today is such an overused word as everyone is trying to stay fit and get in shape, yet not everyone gets it right. And like many I tried a bunch of fitness programs and had a lot of ups and downs and fair share of failure but finally I found something effective and completely […]

The Joy of Giving

I was extremely charged up about the holidays being round the corner and was making a list of things to buy. Shopping is always exciting, even if it is for others. Just then, a friend of mine told me about kids who might not get any gift for Christmas. Then it really hit me how much […]

Florida Vacation

The worst part of a vacation is the fact that it gets over. Last week, I took few (4 to be exact) days off and flew off to Florida with my hubby and now I am back to this chilly weather in Boston. We stayed in Fort Lauderdale which is about 30 miles north of […]