Ditch the Ordinary this Winter

What to eat and what to wear are two of the most basic stuffs that I struggle with every work day. While the eating struggle is a daily battle between my temptations towards everything unhealthy and my attempt to stay healthy, we’ll have to keep this discussion for another time. The question of what to […]

Budget Friendly Bridal Fashion

Wedding dresses have come a long way and you can tell especially when you see old movies or pictures of your parents’ wedding. From a very conventional long sleeve and high collar to now very modern and customized gowns, the wedding dresses have gone through a lot of transition. Staying in style, however, doesn’t mean […]

5 Fall Trends to Get Behind

This is a beautiful time of the year and every year Fall brings you dreamy trends that you want to get behind. Some of them are already a big trend right now and some of them are still making its way. Since fall is just getting started, lets look at the top 5 trends for […]

Keep it Casual

Until very recently, casual wasn’t really my thing. I just liked the idea of looking chic and put together (well at least I try). But off late, I find myself inclined to a jeans tee and sneakers kind of look – maybe gotta do with the fact that my work has no strict code and […]

Hiking Fun

Growing up in a valley (back in Nepal) surrounded by hills and mountains, the concept of hiking wasn’t completely new to me, but I am by no means a regular hiker. In fact hikes of moderate difficulty used to take a toll on my body and usually left me sore the next day.   Cut […]

Love for Shirt Dress

I can’t take my eyes off of a good shirt dress even though I have a plenty of them (most of them are featured on my blog). I try to stay away from it but the whole idea of it is brilliant that more often than not, I can’t resist them. Apart from it bring […]

Shopping with Rosegal

In today’s day and age, we are spoilt for choice. There are countless options no matter what you want to buy and what your emphasis is on. If your focus is great style at an affordable price, then you should definitely check out Rosegal (Rosegal.com). When I stumbled upon their website, my first impression was […]

Stripe it Better

I’m obsessed with stripes at the moment and I think everything looks so much better with stripes. Also stripes this season has been a a breath of fresh air. So I’m sharing with you some of my favorite stripes: Striped skirt: Since I spend a lot of time at work, I’m always looking for great […]

Rosegal -Style on a budget

Online shopping is godsent. It’s so relaxingly convenient to choose from 1000s of options from the comfort of your living room and being delivered right to your doorstep. I’m a sucker ​for style and I’m so impressed that there are some great styles out there on online space. One of the websites that has really […]

Fit not skinny

Fitness today is such an overused word as everyone is trying to stay fit and get in shape, yet not everyone gets it right. And like many I tried a bunch of fitness programs and had a lot of ups and downs and fair share of failure but finally I found something effective and completely […]